Who is this site for?

Plus Premium Support is intended for our Plus customers, WSR program customers and MWP program customers.

Plus Customers

Shopify Plus customers registered through out Plus website is available for premium support. Plus customers gets all features without limits, and is free for as long as plus status is valid! Plus website is at plus.hailiga.org

WSR Customers

WSR customers registered on our web service site are eligible for premium support. There are 4 WSP plans starting at $29/month.

MWP Customers

Managed WordPress customers registered through IGA Web Service site are qualified for premium support.

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Premium Email

Get direct access to Chief Office with all the Chief Developer, Chief of Sales, Chief Marketer and more!

Phone Support

Call us at our local numbers whenever you need us. We are not 24/7 but we'll try our best to meet your needs.

Active Scanning*

We'll actively search for bugs before you even realized! *Number of free fixes varies on plans.

Free Tech Support*

If for some reason we missed something, tell us and we'll fix it for free! *Number of free fixes varies on plans.

Automatic Updates

Get your plugins, themes, API, protocols, systems everything automatically updated for you!

Analytics Reports

Get free reports on how your site is doing and recommendations on how to improve it!

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It has never been easier to get help whenever you needed.